Carbon Fiber Spuhr/Picatinny Combo D.O.P.E Holder

Carbon Fiber Spuhr/Picatinny Combo D.O.P.E Holder

A mount specific offering of what we produce here at DAC Solutions. This is the secondary design that we established ourselves with. Bringing a affordable solid option to the market. The Spuhr offering allows our DOPE card attachment to mount to any Spuhr/picatinny Mount.  This mount allows you to use one card system on two different mounts. Patent Pending

  • Materials

    Polymer is a PETG formula with carbon fiber stranding

    Magnetic solution is based on using two Neodynium Magnets with a pull force of 17 pounds each. 

    One 10-32 cross screw to finalize attachment. 


    We will replace any dope card solution for free for life. Provided you explain what happened. If you purposely break it that will void any liability. 


    I ship via USPS Flat Rate.